Hello, world! This is my second post here. So after my first post, I thought it necessary to use my second post to introduce myself. I reasoned that you, as my reader, need to know who I am before you can really trust my tips. Isn’t that so? OK, here we go.

My name is Ifechukwu Ejiofor, but many of my acquaintances call me “Ifee,” so I adopted it as my nickname.

I would describe myself as a “hardcore programmer.” What I mean by this is that I am the kind of programmer who likes to understand how things work under the hood.

Let me give you an example of what I mean. When I decided to start writing Windows GUI programs, I looked for libraries that could be useful for the purpose and found many good ones – GTK, QT, and so on.

However, I refused to use any of them. I opted, instead, for the native Win32 API. My reason was that Win32 API was closest to the operating system and thus would give me deeper insight into the internal workings of the Windows GUI than any library would.

This was in spite of the fact that Win32 API’s closeness to the operating system made it hard and messy to work with. But I did not care. I preferred (and always prefer) to follow the hard and messy path as long as it gives me the opportunity to learn how things work under the hood.

But, I must confess, learning how things work under the hood is not an easy task. It requires time and effort. For me, though, it has been worthwhile. It has equipped me with in-depth understanding of the internals of computer programming.

I will advise you to also strive to go under the hood in your own programming adventure. Sure, it is not easy. But it is worthwhile. Nothing worthwhile is easy by the way.

On my part, I hope to use this blog to help make your adventure, of going under the hood, smoother. How do I hope to do that? By regularly posting tested and trusted programming tips straight from my own experience of going under the hood.

Can you now see why there is no better name for this blog than Ifee’s Programming Tips? Yes, that’s right: Ifee’s Programming Tips. I urge you to stick around for the most informative tips. You will certainly be glad you did!